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Zach just wanted to be like every other red blooded American boy and go out to play ball with his friends. Today, however, he was unable to do just that. Why? There was a Zombie at Zach's door! What is Zach to do? Will he ever get to play ball with his friends? Will he ever get out of the house again? Find out, when Zach meets the Zombie!!!

Designed as a 'children's book for all ages' this book is great for any horror lover, especially those who would like to introduce young readers to the world of horror with a fun, quirky, cartoony book with a look similar to those seen on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon... but with an edge!


38 10.5" x 8.5" pages of colorful zombie fun printed on quality gloss paper with card cover.

$10.00 + shipping - Signed shipped in a cool printed zombie envelope.

Zach Meets the Zombie

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